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For the first time in Georgia you can subscribe to business banking services!

Become a subscriber and explore additional benefits which are designed to ease everyday life of your business.

One fee, complete banking service

Business Plans

Subscribe to a business plan and get banking facilities and services specifically tailored to your business:

  • Digipass app
  • Daily cash withdrawal limit
  • Free of commission bill payments

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Subscribe to a business plan and explore additional non-financial benefits 


Joining business club gives you opportunity to benefit from exclusive monthly offers from our partners. Offers include marketing, financing, accounting and many other fields

Offered services will help you optimize businesses operations in marketing, financing, accounting and many other fields.


Participate in various events. In order to independently develop your business cycle you can join workshops, take Q&A sessions with the field experts and ask questions of your interest.

Business Courses

Joining the Club gives you an opportunity to participate in diverse learning courses, enabling you to get detailed knowledge on the business related fields, including:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Finances
  • Accounting etc.

Facebook Group

Subscribe to a Business Plan and use the benefit of a Facebook group. This informal platform enables you to discuss interesting business issues and share your experience with other members.

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